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Alfonsina al mar cine
Buenos Aires | Argentina
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Photographs: Virginia Rojas
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alfonsina al mar cine
Debora Landi Giammarini  
Debora Landi Giammarini

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  Alfonsina al Mar Cine* (AAMC) is a production company founded in 2007 by film director and producer Débora Landi Giammarini. Based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, AAMC was created with two principal intentions: to produce auteur cinema with a poetic glance and also to provide production services in the different phases of audiovisual production, at a national and international scope.

About Débora Landi Giammarini
Débora Landi Giammarini has worked in audiovisuals since 2006 as a film director and producer, as well as participating in festivals and cultural events. As a director, many of her short films have been selected by several international film festivals and she has also worked in multiple movies as assistant director and production manager.
Additionally, she is the co-director of the underground film festival 1000 Metros Bajo Tierra (1000 Meters Under Ground), from which she established bonds with several film festivals from around the world.
In 2007 she founded Alfonsina al Mar Cine, an independent production and distribution platform where she produces her own films and offers production services to national and foreign clients.
During 2010 she resided for almost a year in Mexico City, working for different productions and setting the basis for the Mexican version of the festival 1000 Metros Bajo Tierra.

* The name "Alfonsina al Mar" (in English "Alfonsina in the sea"), is a tribute to the infamous Argentine poet Alfonsina Storni (1892 –1938) who committed suicide by going into the sea at night, near her home in Mar del Plata.