alfonsina al mar cine
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Alfonsina al mar cine
Iberá 5297 1º | Buenos Aires | Argentina
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Photographs: Virginia Rojas
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alfonsina al mar cine
Derby & Groma   Derby & Groma
by Kara Blake (Canadá)

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Conquest   Conquest of the seven seas, Ferdinand Magellan & Sir Francis Drake
by Holger Preusse & Hannes Schuler (Germany)

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  In Alfonsina al Mar Cine, we offer production services for international clients, locally coordinating pre-production and shooting in Buenos Aires, Argentina, of films as well as foreign institutional audiovisual products.
We scout the locations, manage filming permissions, contact and interact with different providers (rental, catering, insurance) contracting the best local technical crew based on the characteristics of the project.
In synthesis, we move forward through all of the logistics required for a successful achievement of a production.