alfonsina al mar cine
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Alfonsina al mar cine
Iberá 5297 1º | Buenos Aires | Argentina
(+54911) 3031.0048
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Photographs: Virginia Rojas
Webmaster: b de vaca

alfonsina al mar cine
Roque Narvaja  
  Director: Luján Montes & Luciana Foglio.

English Title: Landscapes.

Country: Argentina.

Genre: Documentary

Synopsis: In Buenos Aires, a varied group of musicians and artists bring about activities related to sound arts, contemporary and experimental music. These artists get together and organize workshops, record albums, play shows and set up performance art exhibitions with an independent or DIY (Do it Yourself) way-of-thinking. All this shapes a very active artistic scene which is little known in the country, but internationally known as one of the most flourishing and diverse. This movie dives into the artists' thoughts about their own creative process and practices, which are implied in their music but go beyond music itself.

Technical sheet:
Producer: Luján Montes & Luciana Foglio
Executive Producer: Débora Giammarini
Director of Photography & Sound Designer: Luciana Foglio
Editor: Luján Montes
Production company: Galope Cine