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Alfonsina al mar cine
Iberá 5297 1º | Buenos Aires | Argentina
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Photographs: Virginia Rojas
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El trovador siempre vuelve

alfonsina al mar cine
Roque Narvaja  

Director: Roque Catania

English Title: The Troubadour Always Returns

Country: Argentina.

Genre: Documentary (full lenght)

Synopsis: Pioneer of Argentine rock, committed singer, composer of immortal hymns sung by many generations. Far from attempting to be a biography, 'The Troubadour Always Returns' explores some of the many aspects of Roque Narvaja's life. An artist, a musician, a person who even today reinvents himself, changing, but remaining true to his convictions, fulfilling his childhood dreams.

Technical sheet:
Producer: Martín Esnaola
Executive Producer: Débora Giammarini
Director of Photography: Virginia Rojas
Sound Designer: Gaspar Scheuer
Editor: Mariano Saban (EDA) - Álvar Martín
Supported by INCAA & Ñandú Sonido.
Production Company: Lados B Música para ver - Alfonsina al Mar Cine