alfonsina al mar cine
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Alfonsina al mar cine
Iberá 5297 1º | Buenos Aires | Argentina
(+54911) 3031.0048
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Photographs: Virginia Rojas
Webmaster: b de vaca
Mujeres con pelotas (Goals for Girls: a story of women with balls)

alfonsina al mar cine
mujeres con pelotas  
  Synopsis: In Argentina, where football (soccer) is a man's sport, a group of young women from the infamous Villa 31 shantytown in Buenos Aires fight to form their own team. With courage they overcome many obstacles until they realize their dream of competing in the Homeless World Cup in Brazil. This documentary by Ginger Gentile & Gabriel Balanovsky goes beyond the story of one team to reveal why women from all social classes have to fight on and off the field to play football in Argentina.

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