alfonsina al mar cine
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Alfonsina al mar cine
Buenos Aires | Argentina
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Photographs: Virginia Rojas
Webmaster: b de vaca
Días blancos

alfonsina al mar cine
dias blancos  

Genre: Fiction

Synopsis: The relationship between Mía and J is deteriorating. The idealization of love fades in the cracks of reality. The beach, sand and sea define the esthetic signification of a transformation from where there is no return.


Country: Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Origin: 2007-2008
Color/ 11'/ 16:9 / 16mm

Written and directed by Débora Landi Giammarini
Executive producer: Emilia Abate Cano / Lautaro García
Director of photography and camera operator: Jessica Blanco
Art director and costume supervisor: Dulce Fernández Mattos
Sound director: Gaspar Scheuer
Acting coach: Mónica Lairana
Montaje: Eduardo López López
Assistant director: Julieta Galluccio
First assistant director:: Florencia Hisi
Production manager: Pilar Alonso
Production assistant: Diego Akselrad
Gaffer: Leandro Puzzo
Focus Puller: Gerardo Aguirre
Electrical: Martín Pereira
Art and costume assistant: Diana Orduna
Make-up and costume assistant: Dolores Solé
Fixed photo: Dulce Fernández Mattos
Sound post-production: Gaspar Scheuer In preliminary phases: Nicolás Tabárez, Sebastián Pappalardo, Iván Anzil
Original musical score: Sonia Gimenez
Graphic designer: Verónica Seniquel
Production counseling: Constanza Sanz Palacios
A production of: Alfonsina al Mar Cine

With the support of: Campos Audiovisual, Ñandú Cine, and The City of Villa Gesell Secretary of Culture, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina. (logos Alfonsina, Cievyc, Ñandú. Villa gessel) This short film was declarated of municipal interest by the Villa Gesell Secretary of Tourism and Culture. Decret nº 791 abril 24 of 2007.

Some Festivals:
• 26º FICG Guadalajara International Film Festival in Mexico. Participation in the Industry Office Market. March, 2011.
• XIII IFF International Festival of Film in Short Expression, Guanajuato, Mexico. 2010.
• VI FEMINA 09 International Femenine Film Festival. Special program IT'S THE WOMAN I LIKE. June 2009, Brazil.
• II SAN LUIS FILM International Festival. Oficial competition. November 2008. Argentina.
• VI Huberto Solás International Poor Film Festival. La Habana. Cuba. April 14th to 20th, 2008.
• UNCIPAR 2008. XXX Argentine Independent Film and Video Conferences. Villa Gesell. April 2008, Argentina.
• IX FEJOREL. Latin American Directors Festival and Conferences. 2007. Argentina. Best Short Film Mention.
• V Quito Film Festival, Latitude Zero. 2007. Ecuador.
• 10th National Movie Exhibition 'Lucas Demare'.
• 1st International Short Film Festival of Olavarría. Oficial competition. 2007. Argentina.
• IX Edition of the National Short film Contest 'Women and Film'. 2007. Argentina.